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Florida wallops Gamecocks, 75-36

We suggested in the prediction that this might get ugly.  And it did, in a hurry.  The Florida Gators – probably the best team in the country this season, NCAA tournament results be damned – did to the Gamecocks what they’ve … Continue reading

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Better Know An Opponent: Florida

Take all those feelings you have about this basketball team after its 21-point victory over Arkansas and pack them up tight.  Somewhere no one can find them.  Especially not Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators. The Gamecocks head to Gainesville … Continue reading

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What I’m reading

I want to start a feature at the site where I just dump links on things that I’ve found interesting around the internet over a recent period of time.  The idea comes from many places, including the excellent SmartFootball and … Continue reading

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ChickenHoops Around the Web

We’re elsewhere on the internet today: find us on the Half Cocked Show with Connor Tapp and check out the results of the SEC Power Poll here (our earlier vote can be found here).

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SEC Power Poll Ballot: 1.28.13

I’ve been graciously asked by the guys over at SBNation to participate in the SEC Power Poll this year.  While I voted last week, I completely forgot to post my rankings and thoughts over here.  I’ll post a link to … Continue reading

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Gamecocks out-shoot Arkansas, 75-54

A lot of what we do at this site is try to think about how to put together ways to win basketball games through all sorts of manners, including getting to the foul line, avoiding turnovers, and offensive rebounding.  And … Continue reading

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Better Know An Opponent: Arkansas

The Gamecocks return to Columbia to take on the fast-running Arkansas Razorbacks.  While Carolina tries to climb off the bottom of the SEC standings, the Razorbacks are dreaming of moving onto the NCAA tournament bubble. So far they have been … Continue reading

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A quick reference for SEC basketball

I keep finding myself trying to remember who each SEC team plays twice in conference play, so I can get a sense for the SOS of each.  Since I keep checking it individually, I’m just going to go ahead and … Continue reading

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What I said, but said better

So after going off on one (or two) diatribes in the last few weeks about “learning to win,” I opened my internet today to find that Ken Pomeroy, as usual, has written the same thing I’ve written, but better. Pomeroy … Continue reading

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David Cloninger trolls world

Good lord.  I hate to give him the clicks, but fine, here you go.  Read this.  I’m glad to see he didn’t just cut and paste Scott Hood’s earlier post, and so in the same spirit, I’ll not simply re-post … Continue reading

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