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I want to start a feature at the site where I just dump links on things that I’ve found interesting around the internet over a recent period of time.  The idea comes from many places, including the excellent SmartFootball and the similarly excellent (though much different) Marginal Revolution.

I’ll probably widen my range to include both internet links and books, but this is really a place to drop thoughts on things not otherwise worthy of an entire post.


The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstram – This is the second book I’ve picked up by Halberstram (the first being October 1964) and the second time I’ve both loved the writing, but had absolutely no interest in finishing the book.  It takes an interesting look at the Portland Trail Blazers 1979-80 season, along with the issues that come with working in professional athletics from both a coaching, playing, and administrative standpoint.

Do Not Ask What Good We Do by Robert Draper – A narrative account that follows a number of members of Congress during the first three years of Barack Obama’s first term.  As someone who lives in DC and dabbles in policy work, I always find the characters interesting, though there’s not much new here that you couldn’t piece together if you read Politico daily.  There is a lot of writing about Jeff Duncan, so if you live in South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional district, you may find it a particularly interesting read.


I swear I will try to make this section better next time, but here are the pieces I have enjoyed over the last month or so, absolutely none of which will make you any smarter:

An oral history of Deadspin.  Hard to believe they’ve been around now for 7.5 years now.  Harder to believe that Drew Magary got his start in the Deadspin comments section.

A breakdown of Super Bowl Prop Bets.  An annual tradition from a blog that I wish wrote more often.  “Does not thank anyone” remains one of my favorite bets to have ever placed (thanks again, Tom Coughlin).

Notes on an intimate evening with R. Kelly.  Given that this was in DC, I am furious at myself for not attending.

A history of the movie The Wizard.  If you’re from my generation, you’ll love this.  If you’re not, you’ll wonder just what the hell would make kids like this movie.

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