Is attrition coming to Columbia

(Ed. note: see the latest SEC Power Poll here – our ballot can be found here)

The Gamecocks have added three new recruits – Sindarius Thornwell, Desmond Ringer, and Justin McKie – in their 2013 class, and also welcome transfer Tyrone Johnson from Villanova into the fold.

However, that doesn’t mean the Gamecocks are done recruiting.  As reported by Phil Kornblut the other day, 6’9″ Demetrius Henry has winnowed down his list of schools to three, with the Gamecocks making the final cut.

Of course, this presents a question for the guys currently on the roster – who’s not coming back?

The Gamecocks scholarship breakdown is as follows:

2017: McKie, Ringer, Thornwell (3)

2016: Carrera, Chatkevicius, Kacinas, Geathers (4)

2015: Leonard (1)

2014: Ellington*, Smith, Slawson, Richardson, Williams (4, as Ellington doesn’t count against basketball)

2013: Jackson (1)

That adds up to 12 players returning that are on scholarship this season or are entering with the Class of 2017.  Thus, if we add anyone else to the fold, it’s going to require someone currently on scholarship not to return.

I started this post hoping to put some analysis down here, but I’m not sure I have any – you’d think the freshmen that Martin brought in would get two years in most cases, and most have seen significant minutes – hell, Chatkevicius is the guy with the fewest minutes, but started six straight SEC games before ceding the spot to Carrera in Lexington on Tuesday.

Otherwise, all of the upperclassmen have played between 30-70 percent of our minutes, with Eric Smith’s 67.8 percent dragging that range out (the next highest percentage of minutes is Brenton Williams at 53.2 percent, although Bruce Ellington’s minutes are drug down considerably because of all the games he missed for football).  It’s hard to easily see who has fallen out of favor in that group, at least from looking solely at their playing time.  Even against Kentucky, all ten of our scholarship players played at least 13 minutes.

The point of this post isn’t to say “I expect so-and-so to be out of here,” but to merely note that any additional recruiting for the Class of 2017 will mean attrition from the current team.  Maybe it comes from one of the guys we’ve been watching all year, or maybe Geathers doesn’t come back – I’m not sure.  But it’ll be interesting to track.

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2 Responses to Is attrition coming to Columbia

  1. Gary says:

    Since we need size, and since I want to see what he can do with good coaching, I want to see Carlton Geathers on the team next year. We have also offered a juco guard. I don’t know what the NCAA rules are, other than you can’t have more than 13 on scholarship and I don’t think you can split basketball scholarships between players. I’m not sure if one of the current players wanted to give up his schollie that he would be allowed to be a walk-on next season. I hate to see players leave the program, but we need better players, and now.

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