What I’m reading: 2/13/13

Match-Fixing in Soccer by Brian Phillips.  If a sport becomes so corrupt the outcome on the field is considered pre-ordained, can it survive?

It Takes a Village: How Robert Nkemdiche Found Ole Miss by Steven Godfrey.  The story of how the nation’s number one recruit ended up spurring Clemson for Ole Miss.

Recruiting: Football Scholarship Offers Can Be Life-Altering for Young Athletes by Jason Kersey.  While there’s plenty of bad that comes with college athletics, a reminder that sometimes a fair amount of good comes out of it, no matter how imperfect that goodness might be.

2013 College Football Rankings Projections by Bill Connelly.  Connelly puts out the first iteration of his ranking system, which puts the Gamecocks at 16th, or third in the East behind Florida (6th) and Georgia (11th).  Given our schedule advantage over each team – Florida goes to LSU, while Georgia hosts Alabama – this might be good enough for Carolina even if true, as we won’t play another conference game against a team ranked in the top 30.

Yet Another Study About Fouling When Up 3 by Ken Pomeroy.  Before clicking on this link, ask yourself this: is it more likely that a team wins by fouling or playing defense when up three with 5 to 12 seconds left, and the other team in-bounding the ball?  Then click the link and see if you’re right.

Pomeroy’s Numbers Tell the Story by Reid Forgrave.  An article chronicling the career of Ken Pomeroy, who has been referenced many a time in this blog.  I think Ken’s last point is one I could certainly do a better job of adopting:

“One thing I’ve never wanted to do is convince somebody not open to this kind of stuff that it’ll make their life better.  If you’re not into this, if you don’t think it will help your enjoyment of the game, that’s fine. It’s not for everybody. I’m content to carve out a niche for people who are into this stuff.

Damn straight.

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