SEC Power Poll Ballot: 2.17.13

Here’s this week’s ballot:

1. Florida

If you asked me to pick a higher scoring margin: Florida versus the second-best SEC team, or that second-best team versus South Carolina, I’d pick the first game.  That’s how much better Florida is than everyone else.

2. Missouri

Three brutally close SEC road losses, but with everyone healthy, they’re playing like the second-best SEC team at the moment.  Split the series with Ole Miss and beat Alabama, so hard to say anyone is more deserving at the moment, though this will look silly if they can’t go into Rupp and win on Saturday.

3. Ole Miss

A close loss in College Station is a forgivable sin, but they almost threw away their fading NCAA tournament hopes when they barely eeked out an overtime win over (an improving) Georgia squad in Oxford on Saturday.

4. Alabama

They play Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ole Miss once each.  That’s an easy way to run up a lot of SEC wins without impressing anyone.

5. Arkansas

A fluky but nice home win over Missouri, but more amazingly, an actual, bona fide road win over Auburn earlier in the week.  Still, one too many non-conference losses for this team to have a plausible chance of making an NCAA run, unless they can sweep Florida or go grab a win in Columbia, MO.

6. Tennessee

They beat Kentucky by 30.  You really think Kentucky belongs over the Vols right now?

7. Kentucky

Not as bad as they looked in Knoxville, but they’re going to miss the tournament unless they shape up very, very quickly.  Game at home against Missouri on Saturday may define their season.

8. Georgia

They’d had such a nice run, but ran into a wall this week with losses at home to Alabama and a very tough road loss to Ole Miss in OT.  On an even more negative note, I’m not sure Mark Fox still has a job at the end of this year if it’s not for KCP.

9. LSU

Nothing will cure what ails you quite like a week against Mississippi State and South Carolina.

10. Texas A&M

They haven’t had a game settled by more than seven points since Florida came to town on January 17.  It would be a different season if they were 6-3 in those games.  Instead, they’re 3-6.

11. Vanderbilt

Vandy beat A&M at home this week, because the middle of the SEC is a jumbled mess that almost doesn’t warrant sorting out.

12. Auburn

Congratulations Auburn.  You’re so crummy that even Arkansas can beat you at home.

13. South Carolina

Remember when the Gamecocks beat Arkansas by twenty points?  Let’s go ahead and give that the Aberration of the Year award.

14. Mississippi State

Big game in Columbia, SC coming up for the chance to get out of this spot.  Remember when these guys started SEC play 2-0?

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