SEC Power Poll: 2.26.13

The poll follows below.  You’ll never guess who tops it…


Also, as Whittle notes:

1. Florida

There’s almost nothing that can plausibly happen this season that would cause me to move them, including a loss at Missouri.  They are out-scoring SEC teams by 0.33 points per possession.  Second best?  Missouri, at 0.087.  Yeah, I’ll take the Gators.

2. Missouri

I know they lost in Rupp in overtime, but I’ll forgive them the road loss thanks to their win over Florida.  They’re clearly playing like the second-best team in the SEC right now, thanks to Bowers’ return.

3. Mississippi

The #onebidSEC meme is surely over thanks to Missouri, but either these guys or Kentucky better pick it up unless you want to see a #twobidSEC reality come Selection Sunday.

4. Kentucky

Important win over Missouri.  Still not sure who they are yet without Noel, but certainly not as bad as they looked when Tennessee white-washed them in Knoxville last week.  A 2-0 week (also a four-point win over Vandy) is exactly what they needed to keep possibly fading NCAA hopes alive.

5. Alabama

They’ll go 12-6 in conference, likely finish ahead of Missouri, and still have no shot at an NCAA bid unless they make a run to at least the finals of the SEC tournament.  Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 SEC men’s basketball!

6. Tennessee

I think it’s fair to say their five-game win streak has happened quietly, in that there’s no national attention paid to SEC basketball outside the top four?  They get Florida and Missouri at home the last two weeks with trips to Georgia and Auburn – if they can get three of four, they may yet play their way onto the bubble.

7. Arkansas

I still don’t get you at all, Hogs.

8. Georgia

Broke out of a three-game losing streak (all close, two on the road, and all against relatively decent teams) to overcome the Gamecocks in overtime in Athens in a game marred by the two teams playing in it, the television coverage, the officiating, the crowd, Doug Gottlieb… really, everyone associated with it should be somewhat ashamed, and I include myself for having watched the damn thing.

9. Vanderbilt

Waxed a bad-and-getting-worse Mississippi State team by 41 in Starkville.  Alongside Georgia, the team that has done the best job of improving as the season has gone along, though their record at the end of the year won’t credit them that, thanks to overscheduling in the non-conference season and atrocious luck in close games.

10. Texas A&M

Well, if you’re going to be maddeningly inconsistent, at least do so in an entertaining way.  Going to four overtimes with Tennessee – the only way the slow-paced Volunteers will ever come near 100 points – suffices.

11. LSU

I can’t even pretend to understand LSU anymore.

12. Auburn

In a season fraught with wild inconsistencies, three cheers to Auburn for its five game losing streak, showing their can be some sense amidst the chaos that is conference play.

13. South Carolina

Their win over Ole Miss may cost the conference an NCAA bid.  A game where the Rebels simply didn’t match up – you beat Carolina by dominating them in the post, and aside from Murphy Holloway, the Rebels didn’t do that effectively enough.

14. Mississippi State

Losers of twelve in a row, they at least brought Jalen Steele back from a three-game suspension, which will save what is an ugly season from becoming… I’m not sure what adjective I could re-print here that would describe Mississippi State’s season if they had to play it without Jalen Steele.

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