What I’m Reading: 2.28.13

Strength of Schedule: Miamia versus Michigan, by Jacob Wheatley-Schaller.  A piece that should help you consider (or re-consider) how you view strength of schedule.

One Last Post on 3P% Defense, by Ken Pomeroy.  I thought this point had been addressed before, but Ken digs a bit further into the research to show that 2P% defense can have some minor impact on 3P% defense.  This makes sense – the harder it is to score in other ways, the more you’ll take bad 3s to compensate.  I still haven’t figured out exactly the hypothesis I like the best, or one that can be empirically tested, but this is still an interesting development that’s come through over the last year or so of basketball research – I’m surprised no one had found it before now.

A Proper Pimento Burger, by Robert Moss.  If you’re ever jones-ing for one in the Columbia area, here’s a great list.  My personal favorite remains Rockaways, though I’m told the new place in Five Points is a worthy competitor.

Cinema Tarantino: The Making of Pulp Fiction, by Mark Seal.  Pretty great read on a pretty great movie.  Though I generally agree with Drew Magary’s take on oral histories, frankly, they’re pretty fun when you like the subject matter.

Wretches of the Hidden Temple: Cruelest game show, played by worst children, by Jon Bois.  If you’re a child of the mid-1990s, you will love this.  If not, my apologies.

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