End of an Era

Sad but exciting news today for chickenhoops.  Kyle, co-founder of the site and the main contributor here over the course of the last year, is leaving us for greener pastures.  While we will certainly miss having the Nate Silver (with a little Tyler Cowen) of Gamecock sports on the blog here, he will be joining the SB Nation USC affiliate, Garnet and Black Attack.  You can find them at www.garnetandblackattack.com

For fans on twitter, Kyle will continue to run the chickenhoops twitter, @chickenhoops (https://twitter.com/chickenhoops).

This is bittersweet for chickenhoops.  Kyle made the site everything I hoped it could be when we founded it and it is a shame for that to come to an end.  However, as a Gamecock fan who enjoys great coverage of the team, this is a huge development and a serious move by GABA to add some great content.  I expect big things from them. (Not the least of which will be continuing to troll David Cloninger)

So make www.garnetandblackattack.com part of your regular rotation.  I’m highly confident they’ll have the best analytic coverage of the Gamecocks anywhere on the web.

As to the future of the blog here at chickenhoops.com, that is up in the air.  We may try to carry on, but the blog may take a sabbatical for a while.  Stay tuned.

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1 Response to End of an Era

  1. Walter E says:

    This site must go on!

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